Eléonore MATHIS

PhD student

mail : eleonore.mathis@solvay.com

tel : 04 28 27 10 41

PhD thesis

Etude des matériaux composites à matrices thermoplastiques renforcées

I completed my Master Engineering degree at the ENSCR (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes) with a major in Chemistry of Materials in 2016. 

Then I started my PhD thesis in LPMA in February 2017. 

We study thermoset composites from soluble thermoplastic technology with special interest in the control of morphology in relation with applicative properties. Indeed thermoset composites have been used for many years in aeronautic or automotive industries where toughness of materials is a key property. Soluble thermoplastic technology leading to phase separation during cure of the thermosetting resin is an efficient approach to enhance the thermoset fracture properties. It is necessary yet challenging to fully understand the structure/property relationship in order to design performant thermoset composites. This PhD thesis addresses epoxy systems modified with a polyethersulfone. This project aims at investigating cure kinetics (differential scanning calorimetry, near-infrared spectroscopy) as well as thermodynamics of thermoplastic/thermoset blends (dynamic rheology, neutron-scattering) in order to control the resulting morphologies observed (scanning electron microscopy). We focus on different system parameters such as thermoplastic content in blend, thermoplastic end-group reactivity, epoxy monomer structure, which appears to influence greatly the final structure and so that the mechanical properties.

My interest in research on physics and chemistry of polymers has increased through this PhD thesis and is still evolving in this way. I would enjoy working in applied research on polymers with sustainable and responsible considerations in a R&D department.