Stéphanie DJUKIC

PhD student


Tel:  04 28 27 11 09

PhD thesis

Study of fatigue damage mechanisms of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers

(Etude des mécanismes d'endommagement des polyamides amorphes et semi-cristallins)

I graduated with a Master's degree in Materials Chemistry, option "Life Cycle of Materials" from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 2016. I started my PhD thesis at the LPMA in December 2016.

The objective of my PhD thesis on the Study of fatigue damage mechanisms of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers is to understand the fatigue damage mechanisms of Polyamides, as well as the influence of the crystallinity rate. The study deals with an amorphous polymer and two semi-crystalline polymers (with one very low semi-crystalline). Fatigue damage mechanisms have already been studied for semicrystalline polyamides. We want to know the genesis of the damage and its accumulation over time (fatigue cycles, elongation in the case of quasi-static tensile tests) for amorphous polyamides.

After the PhD, I would like to work abroad in R&D in the polymer characterization field.