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Installed within Axel'One PMIand in close collaboration with Solvay teams from the Advanced Polymer Material Department, our lab is hosting a wide spectrum of tools for processing and post-processing (extruders, microcompounders, internal mixers, press), for dynamical and structural/morphological studies (mechanical spectroscopy, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, rheometry and linear and non-linear regimes, DSC, low field, low resolution NMR). It has routine access to electron and optical microscopy and to all kinds of physico-chemical characterization tools (IR, UV, Raman spectrometry, surface tension measurements, high resolution NMR). It has access to wide angle Xray diffraction (partner of the Centre de Diffraction Henri Longchambon consortium), to neutron and X scattering techniques at large scale facilities (ILL, ESRF, Soleil, FRM2), to solid state NMR through academic collaborations.