Friction and wear of reinforced elastomers

Modeling road/tyre contacts

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When dealing with innovative truck tyres, besides decreasing rolling resistance, improving wear resistance is of course a key issue. Being able to perform laboratory tests of wear representative of real usage conditions (instead of having real trucks rolling for hundreds of thousands of km to test wear resistance of prototyp tyres) is a matter of saving billions of euros. Besides, working in laboratory conditions is certainly necessary for achieving a better understanding of the multiscale physical mechanisms leading to wear.

Tribology and wear measurements are developed in collaboration with Laboratoire de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes(LTDS, a CNRS-Ecole Centrale de Lyon joint research unit) on reinforced rubber materials with properties suitable to model tyre tread materials and within the FP7 European project LORRY. Laboratory tribometer devices are specifically developed within this program.