Reactive interfaces

Nucleation and growth of ordered copolymer structures at reactive interfaces between PA6 and MA-g-HDPE

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We have studied the effect of thePA6/ MA-g-HDPEinterfacialchemical reaction in static conditions.

Interface destabilization and the growth of instabilities, similar to myelin figures formed by surfactants put in the presence of water, are observed.

Orderedmicrophaseseparated copolymer domains, nucleate and grow at the interface between reactive polymers. The morphologies (lamellae, cylinders) depend on the architecture of the copolymer, namely essentially on the relative length of the blocks on each side of the interface.

The density of copolymers in the interface (coverage) can be estimated from the long period of the formed structures. This observation is very important. It gives a possible mechanism of formation ofnanodispersionsgenerated during reactive extrusion, in addition to micrometric domains formed by rheological processes. It is the first time such instabilities are observed at a static interface. 

C.Épinat  et al., ACS MacroLett. 2015, 4, 488−491