Seminar: Menglong HUANG

The Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Elastomers

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Menglong Huang did his PhD in Queen Mary University of London, mainly focusing on the strain dependent dielectric behaviour of carbon black (CB) filled elastomers. He designed a new approach to study the dielectric/mechanical property of elastomers simultaneously. The dielectric permittivity versus strain behaviour follows a very similar softening effect to the mechanical Payne and Mullins effects albeit to a much greater extent and at a different level of strain. This allows an independent measure to be made of changes in the filler network structure with strain and this facilitates a better understanding of the actual network structures that might exist. This dielectric/mechanical relationship also presents an opportunity to develop novel strain sensors. The prototype capacitance strain sensors made using a carbon black filled NR exhibited a much larger sensitivity when compared to other recently reported sensors.