Damage mechanisms in high voltage insulating polymer materials

PhD thesis starting in 2017

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Nexans (a worldwide leader of the cables's industry) produces high voltage cables in which the insulating material is made of semi-crystalline polymers. Damage mechanisms occurring in these materials under electrical loading are poorly known.

We propose an experimental PhD project to identify and characterize the microscopic mechanisms under medium to high voltage, in long lifetime regime. Dielectric properties of materials will be investigated along electrical fatigue tests, combined with microscopic structural characterization (Xtomography, Ultra-small angle X-rays scattering, etc…). The methodology we will use is similar to the one we used for studying fatigue in semi-crystalline polymers and adapted to the specific considered subject [E. Mourglia-Seignobos, D.R. Long, L. Odoni, L. Vanel, P. Sotta, C. Rochas, Physical Mechanisms of Fatigue in Neat Polyamide 6,6, Macromolecules, 47, 3880 (2014)]

This PhD is proposed within the context of a collaboration between Nexans,Solvay and Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés (LPMA), within the context of the “Lyon Polymer Science and Engineering” collaborative network.

This experimental PhD project is suitable for applicants graduated in polymer physics and/or chemical physics and/or material science. Astrong background in polymer processing, structure and physical properties of polymers will be valued. 

To apply, please send detailed CV and application statement to:

Paul  Sotta

Email: paul.sotta-exterieur.at.solvay.com

tel: +33 (0)4 28 27 10 29