Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés (Polymers and Advanced Materials)


The Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés (Polymers and Advanced Materials), LPMA – UMR5268, created jointly between Solvay and CNRS, works primarily on semi-crystalline polymers (including biosourced polymers), elastomers, and combinations of non-polar and polar polymers, with an emphasis on rheological and mechanical properties, barrier properties, and ultimate properties. 
Through fundamental research on systems and topics of interestwe aim to develop materials with finely controlled properties, which meet three major challenges: a significant reduction in the weight of various parts of land transport vehicles; improvement of barrier properties for environmental safety; and control of the lifecycles of engineered plastics and rubbers. 

The lab houses 7 research scientists (3 CNRS researchers & 4 Solvay researchers), one Solvay technician and around 10 PhD students, post-doctorate fellows and invited professors/researchers. 

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PhD starting in fall 2019: Damage mechanisms in insulating polymer materials under elctric field: theory and simulations

Contacts: Didier Long  or Paul Sotta

PhD starting in fall 2019: Large amplitude plastic deformations and damage mechanisms in amorphous polymers

Contacts: Didier Long  or Caroll Vergelati

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LPMA has moved to Axel'One PMI in July 2014

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Axel’One is a “project hostel” sponsored by academic labs and industrial companies, among which Solvay and Bluestar Silicones, dedicated to materials science and clean processes. It works legally as a non-profit organization. Research include synthesis to mechanical properties through processing and characterization. It hosts several collaborative projects with academic labs, SME or large companies as partners.